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Wait! PikaWho??

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Costumed Plush Pikachu

  • Two toys in one! Pikachu and his costume counterpart
  • High detail, quality construction, great value
  • These are going to be wildly popular; get yours now!

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This Pikachu is practicing his disguises. Maybe he thinks someone will pick the wrong opponent? Maybe he’s just getting ready for Halloween 🙂


Sableye – A nocturnal Pokémon who’s gemlike eyes allow it to see in very low light.

Altaria – A blue phoenix like Pokémon who’s voice is said to induce a dreamy state.

Lucario – An exceptionally rare, but loyal Pokémon; some believe can communicate telepathically.

Slowbro – A peace loving Pokémon that would rather not fight, but when it does, it has a powerful psychic attack.

Audino – Another peaceful Pokémon; has feelers than can sense relative health of another Pokémon and when an egg is about to hatch.

Substitute – A “non-damaging” Pokémon, created to take damage instead of the player.

Magikarp – He may not be the most impressive fighter, but in Pokémon Go, he may be one of the most entertaining!

Gyarados – Blue or Pink- The evolved version of Magikarp, generally lives in large bodies of water, but also flies; completely opposite in temperament, will seek out fights.

Charizard – A flying, draconic form that typically inhabits mountainous regions.

Mega Charizard X – The ultimate evolved form of Charmander. His flame will keep burning hotter as he gets experience until he can melt an entire glacier.

Entei – Massive leonine form Fire type Legendary Beast. Supposedly born whenever a new volcano appears.

Lugia – Legendary Psychic/Flying Guardian of the Seas. Extremely rare because it keeps itself isolated. Able to control weather around the seas.

Ho-Oh – Legendary Fire/Flying Guardian of the Skies. Mythical power to raise the dead. Only known Pokémon to learn Sacred Fire.


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Sableye, Altaria, Lucario, Slowbro, Audino, Substitute, Magikarp, Gyarados PINK, Gyarados BLUE, Charizard, Mega Charizard X, Entei, Lugia, Ho-Oh


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